The kids@computers scholarship project helps children of low income families in Toronto to keep pace in the classroom and acquire skills that will serve them well in the job market of tomorrow.


Statistics demonstrate that having a computer in the home results in higher grades and enhanced employability.

In 2013, kids@computers was honoured to receive a donation of $2500.00 from the Disney Corporation.


Why Get Involved

With the help of innovative partnerships, kids@computers has provided thousands of computers to families over the past ten years, but requires continued support in order to ensure that the more than 27,000 families whose children remain eligible for a scholarship can be served. We need your help.

Your involvement means you:

  • Positively impact Toronto's disadvantaged children by providing access to the resources they need to realize their potential.
  • Build capacity, knowledge and prosperity in your community, fostering local workforce development.
  • Demonstrate what your company supports and believes in, raising and enhancing your company profile.
  • The project's low administrative cost (Less than 8 % of the budget), and ability to leverage City and community partnerships, represents good value for money and has resulted in project sustainability.

Partnerships are the backbone of this project and corporations can make the difference. Corporations and government working together coupled with community involvement can achieve unparalleled results. By investing in kids@computers as a sponsoring partner, you are investing in your community and in all of the children who will be tomorrow's leaders.

How can you help?

Become a sponsor

  • Friends: below $5000
  • Member at large: $5,000 to $99, 999
  • Silver: $100,000 to $249, 999
  • Gold: $250,000 to $499, 999
  • Platinum: $500,000 to $1 million
  • Diamond: Over $1 million

Your contribution will enable kids@computers to:

  • Continue the program
  • Expand the program to include younger children
  • Provide new computers to those who have outdated computers
  • Arrange internet access for more than 1 year

Contact Mary Baratta today at
Mary.Baratta@toronto.ca or 416-392-8258

and find out how your organization can click to bridge the digital divide, connect kids to the world wide web, and create new opportunities for our future leaders.


Project partners

The kids@computers Scholarship Project would not be possible without the generous support of our partners:

Toronto Public Library Toronto Employment & Social Services Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Club Toronto Fire Services

Through this partnership, administrative expenses are kept to a mere 8 per cent of overall project costs.

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